About Abe-Shoten shop ( EN )

About Abe-Shoten shop

Established in 1960 and located in Atami Hot spring resort which can be reached 1 hour from Haneda airport or 50 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen. We are producing traditional Japanese sweets Wagashi and Manju. Our best-seller originally made ‘Iira-manju’ got the grand prize in 18th Japan sweets exhibition and the Maju are loved by many people still. We have been introduced on many TV and magazines.

There is also the shop where you can purchase Japanese traditional products next door. They have ‘Tenugui’ (Japanese traditional hand towel made by cotton), ‘Furoshiki’ (Japanese traditional wrapping cloth), ‘Sensu’ (Japanese traditional handy fan) which are all made by craftsmen who take over local traditional method in Kyoto, Hamamatsu and Imabari.  We recommend our products as a souvenir for yourself or others.